Not Got 10+ Seller Feedback?

Thank you for your interest in joining our Ebay Sellers Team, however if you do not have more than 10 recent positive feedback, your account is not suitable.


If you have low/no recent seller feedback, the chances are Ebay would immediately suspend your account if you start selling branded products.


My suggestion to you is that you buy a few very cheap products to build up your feedback.  Good cheap items to buy are books as there are many listed at £/$0.01.  You can either buy something that you are interested in or buy a book then just sell it straight back, enabling you to gain feedback as a seller too!


You can search any category and on the left hand side there is a ‘price’ slider that you can slide right down so that you can search for all the cheapest items.


Once you have gained a minimum of 10 feedbacks, please contact me again and we will set you up with a few items for selling.


I look forward to hearing from you.